2022 Super Keelhaul

Every month, TSPS has a “Keelhaul” event, which is a casual get together at a restaurant in Tokyo.  But in April, we’ll be tying the Keelhaul (no pun intended) to the Yokohama Boat Show and making it a “Super Keelhaul” to welcome any new and prospective members to join us!

The Super Keelhaul will be on April 2nd, from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at Wolfgang Puck Pizza (Minato Mirai), which is about a 10 minute walk from the Pacifico (where we will be at the Boat Show):


Link to restaurant (Google Maps)

We’ve booked a group buffet with all you can drink, so please book through us at the link below if you will be joining us.
The price will be JPY 5,000 for adults of drinking age (20 and older) and JPY 4,500 for people 13-19 years old (since they cannot drink).  For children (12 and younger) there is no need to register in advance and you can order anything off the Grand Menu, keeping your own tab with the restaurant.  We need to reserve space at the restaurant, which is also why we are asking people to register in advance here:

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When: April 2nd, from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Adults 20 and older: ¥5,000

From 13-19 years of age: ¥4,500

Child (12 and younger): No advance registration needed



Payment Options:

Due to the timing of this event, TSPS can only accept online credit card payments.

Please provide the total cost and total number of people for everyone in your party in the payment form.  And we look forward to seeing you there!

2022 Super Keelhaul

Please note that TSPS does not retain any credit card information. All credit card payments are processed and encrypted using Stripe.