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Who Can Join?

Anyone in Japan with an interest in safe sailing or motor boating. Potential members can be of any nationality and should speak English. After joining, new members can sign up for one of our basic boating courses or for a prep class for the English version of the class 1 or 2 Japanese Boat Operator License exams given twice a year.

USPS Membership Benefits

  • Save money, up to 23% on your boat insurance (20% based on courses completed and another 3% for a Vessel Safety Check)
  • Enjoy special discounts on services including Sea Tow membership, Vessel Assist membership, Boat/US membership, and more
  • Members helping members through a Port Captains program that includes cruising/travel tips based on local information
  • Opportunities to have FUN that include land based as well as on-the-water recreational and civic service activities
  • Organized cruises & rendezvous with special friends that are suitable for the entire family
  • Social events, potluck dinners, picnics, parties and interesting meetings with special guest speakers on topics of interest to boaters
  • Click here for complete information on the benefits of membership in United States Power Squadrons

Membership Qualifications

To qualify for active membership in the United States Power Squadrons, you must:

  • Be able and willing to contribute time, energy and skills to the objectives of USPS
  • Be accepted by the squadron Executive Committee
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have paid all applicable entrance fees and dues


Primary Members

  • Takes courses
  • Attends meetings
  • Attends the social events “Keelhauls”
  • Votes
  • Holds elected or appointed office

Family or Friends

  • Takes courses
  • Attends meetings
  • Attends the social events “Keelhauls”
  • Family members under the age of 18 are classified as junior of the purpose of head counts etc

USPS Policy On Human Rights

USPS, its districts, squadrons and members shall at all times observe all federal, state and local Human Rights Laws, regulations and ordinances applicable to any USPS activity, procedure or practice. At no level, National, District or Squadron, may any person be refused membership, denied office, or be prevented from participating in any activity because of any fact or circumstance which would identify that person as one of a protected class of individuals under the Human Rights Laws, regulations or ordinances of any governmental jurisdiction where the person resides, or where USPS conducts business.

National Headquarters Mailing Address:

United States Power Squadrons Toll Free Phone (888) 367-8777 1504 Blue Ridge Road Toll Free Fax (888) 304-0813 Raleigh, NC 27607