The Bridge roles and duties

The TSPS Bridge acts as a “board of directors”, they advise the Commander on most aspects of Squadron and act to host and manage its various activities.

There are 3 main groups that make up the Bridge with sub specializations in each group:

The Governors: Are 3 people are elected to the position of Governor. These members hold the power manage TSPS as a corporate and legal entity in Japan and also its duties with of USPS. Governors are in general not active during the bridge meetings or in the day to day activities of TSPS. Most Governors will therefore often hold a secondary active role in TSPS as an Officer or Member at large.

The Officers: These are specifically the Commander, Executive Officer, Educational Officer, Administrative Officer, Secretary and Treasurer. Each officer holds a particular set of generally internally facing duties and responsibilities. With the leader of organization being the Commander.

The Members at Large: Membership Chair, Social Activities Chair(s), Boating Activities Chair(s), Webmaster(s). Each Member at large is generally responsible for a public facing aspect of TSPS’s operation ie One or more of the Social Activities chair(s) will often run one of events such as the monthly Keelhaul event.

All persons on the bridge are elected by the membership. The Squadron Bylaws should define powers and who should be on this committee.

Some of the functions of this committee are, but are not limited to:

  1. General charge of policy
  2. Management and finances of the Squadron
  3. Custody of all property of the Squadron
  4. First approval of all bills
  5. Recommends dues of the membership
  6. Approval of invitation to membership
  7. Approve nominations as Associate and Honorary memberships and transfers
  8. Approve the appointments of the Commander
  9. Approve any bylaw changes before being presented to the membership
  10. Be aware of and approve the time and place of education courses
  11. Fill any vacancy in an elective office in the Squadron until a successor has been duly elected
  12. Investigate any complaint that may require disciplinary action (Article XIII, USPS bylaws)

Oath of office

I do solemnly pledge myself that during the term of my office I will abide by the laws of the united states power squadron and the by laws of the tokyo sail and power boat squadron.

I will follow the procedures contained in the operations manual,

I will cooperate with the national and district officers whose duties require them to direct and supervise certain aspects of my work.


Members of TSPS, I present to your TSPS administration.