Class 1 & 2 Japan Boat License

This course is open to TSPS members and non-members alike.

Class 2 Schedule: There are four classes of 2 hours over 4-5 weeks, once a week.  There will also be an underway practice day on a Saturday or Sunday before the JRMA exam.

Class schedule:

The class schedules are posted in the education events page and on the public calendars: Here

For those interested, there are also three English exams for Jet Skis or Personal Water Craft (PWC). We do not have classes scheduled to prepare for these exams, but if there is enough interest, we can set up a class.

For each of the boat license exams, there will be four study sessions before the exam date, meeting on weekdays from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. An optional, but recommended, on-the-water session to prepare for the boat operation section of the test will also be scheduled.

Please note:  first-time JMRA Prep Course participants receive a ¥5,000 discount on our membership fee when they join TSPS.

For more information or to sign up, contact Jeff Canaday or sign up online here.

Here are some of the specifics about the licenses, exam, course, and fees.

JMRA Class 1 & 2 Restrictions:

Each class of license has limitations:

1. A Class 2 license allows the skipper of a vessel of up to 20 tons/22 meters to sail up to but not exceeding five nautical miles offshore
2. A Class 1 license allows the skipper of a vessel of up to 20 tons/22 meters to sail more than five nautical miles offshore

JMRA Exam Options:

  • Class 2 Exam by its self
  • Class 1 Exam by its self, if you have a existing Class 2 license and wish to upgrade it
  • Both Class 2 and Class 1 exams. Be aware if you do this and fail your Class 2 Exam you will automatically fail the Class 1. So we do not advise taking this option

TSPS Study Session Schedule:

One evening a week from 7:00PM to 9:00PM. (Day to be determined according to room availability and national holiday schedule.)

If there is sufficient interest from the course participants, we schedule an on-the-water practice session the weekend before the exam. This involves the student getting out on the water in command of a small powerboat. An instructor will be onboard to take you through the various exam exercises, repeatedly if necessary. We strongly recommend it for all Class 1 and 2 enrollees, as part of the JMRA exam is done underway and practice beforehand has proven invaluable in passing this portion of the exam. The details of the underway practice session will be discussed at the third study session.

TSPS Fees:

Class 2 materials –  ¥40,000
Class 1 materials (including all of the Class 2 materials) – ¥50,000
Class 1 upgrade materials – ¥10,000
Underway practice – no more than ¥15,000

JMRA Fees:

Class 2 – ¥25,900
Class 1 – ¥28,950
Class 1 upgrade – if less than one year since last physical exam- ¥6,600. If over one year- ¥10,050

JMRA requires each person sitting for the exam to self-register. We will provide the registration form, instructions, and dates at the first session.