Our Courses

Our Mission is Education…

USPS and TSPS believes that the more educated a boater becomes, the more likely that he or she will be a safe skipper. TSPS’s mission is to increase knowledge of boating safety good practices and to help boat operators, family and crew become competent pilots and navigators.

We provide courses in boating safety, navigation, and other topics both to our own members and, as basic instruction, to the general public. Our qualified, enthusiastic, and experienced instructors lead our classes as a civic service. There is never a charge for instruction; the only costs are for textbooks and instructional materials, plus overhead costs such as classroom rental, and shipping.

While our student manuals serve as the basis of content for each course, they will also serve as indispensable reference books for the boater or sailor long after the course work is completed. And in addition to their knowledge of fundamental seamanship know-how, our Tokyo-based instructors are a valuable source of information regarding local Japanese waters.

Courses available to the public and TSPS members?

Non-USPS Members are able to take either our test preparation course for the Japan Class 1 & 2 License, required to operate small powered water craft in Japan, or one of our Basic Boating courses. The Basic Boating Courses do not allow operation of powered vessels in Japan, but are highly recommended to family or crew members, or to those who want to join TSPS without committing the time and expense to earn the Class 1 or 2 license. Completion of any of the Basic Boating Courses, or acquisition of the Japan Class 1 or 2 license, makes you eligible for TSPS membership.

TSPS Members may take a variety of Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Seminar courses. The Intermediate courses build upon the basis of the Basic Boating courses, while the Advanced courses offer progressively more challenging instruction, from coastal piloting to full-fledged ocean navigation, and focus on practical know-how, including Beginning and Advanced Sail, Marine Electronics, Engine Maintenance, Weather, and others.

Basic Boating Courses

If you are interested in getting started in boating or sailing, but don’t need to operate your own vessel in Japan, we recommend one of our Basic Boating courses. These will give you an overview of boating rules, regulations, and know-how, and will make you eligible for TSPS membership. There are several alternative textbooks and programs depending upon your needs.