Bank Remittance Procedure Explanation

Bank Name: Sumitomo Mitsui Bank (SMBC) 三井住友銀行

Bank Branch Name: Meguro (目黒)

Bank Branch Number: 694

Account Name: Tokyo Sail and Power

Account Type: Futsu (regular) 普通

Account Number: 7360807

1. Look for Local Funds Transfer or a button with 振込 on it.
2. On the bank name selection screen (銀行名 (ぎんこうめい, ginkoumei), bypass “SMBC銀行 or三井住友銀行” and choose その他 “Other”.
3. When the other choices appear choose 銀行 “Bank”.
3. Now enter the first hiragana letter for the bank name, which is メ, for “m”
4 Now you should be entering the first katakana symbol for the branch name (支店名), which is メ for “Meguro”
5. Enter the account number (口座番号 (こうざばんごう, kouza bango )) “7360807”
6. Push “futtsu” (普通 or 普通預) for Regular account
7. Enter the amount to deposit
8. Confirm the amount
9. Review the payment details and account names. Tokyo Sail and Power Squadron is “トウキヨウセイルアンドパワースクワドロン”