2015 Change of Watch Takes Place

The TSPS Bridge Officers for 2015 take the oath of office from member Francis Wertheimer. From left to right: Ernie Olsen, Treasurer; Wolfgang Bierer, Executive Officer (XO); Jiro Fujiwara, Public Relations; David Sutton-Kirkby, Administrative Officer; Gary Thomas, Secretary; Mike Snyder, Communications; and John Marshall Membership Chairman. Other officers taking the oath and not in the picture are: Per Knudsen, Cruising Coordinator, and Tom Proctor, Member-At-Large. Previously, Eugen Mall, who is continuing as Commander, was also sworn in.


TSPS held its annual Change of Watch on the evening of Feb. 17, 2015, at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan. The  Bridge officers for 2015 were voted on and sworn in by the attending members. Reports of the past year and plans for the coming year were also given. Dinner, drinks and lively conversation were enjoyed by the 39 attendees. The event ended with the annual CoW lottery and various marine themed prizes were taken home by the winners.

More photos here.






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