A Hot Summer’s Day Cruise And Party At Fuji-House, 2011

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Host Fujimoto-san, Jiro Fujiwara, Anne Bille, Per Knudsen

On June 4th, TSPS member Fujimoto-san hosted a barbecue and sushi party at his seaside home at Fuji-house in Koajiro-wan, south of Tokyo on the west coast of Miura Peninsula. Over 20 sailors and partiers attended, some arriving on the three boats that sailed into nearby Seabornia Marina. The day was hot, the beer was cold, the food delicious, and the company engaging. We hope that Fujimoto-san will continue his generosity next year and that this will become an annual TSPS event. Thank you Fujimoto-san!!!

To see the photo album, click here.

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