Aoki-san’s Ashes Scattered At Sea

On October 4th under clear blue sky and sunshine, with family and friends, TSPS Member Yoshikazu Aoki ( Yoshi ) returned to the place he loved best for the last time. Yoshi passed away at sea last November. On August 26th he had returned to the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Nova Scotia and on the 4th of October he returned to the Pacific Ocean near Saru-Jima.

As expected there were mixed feelings shared by all in attendance, but it was ultimately a shared experience of fond memories and and a collective feeling of thanks for the time that Yoshi shared with all. Anyone who had met and spent time with Yoshi was present, if not in body, than certainly in spirit. Gone in a sense,but absolutely never to be forgotten. Fair winds forever good friend.














































2 thoughts on “Aoki-san’s Ashes Scattered At Sea

  1. What a great day,hotter than we thought and not a lot of breeze,motorsailing only,lots of friends on board.Thanks to Mr.Bunji Kayama,and Shintaro,Tsune-kun and Ma-bo for handling Bunji`s yacht,also to Hiro for lending a hand,and everyone for attending.Special thanks to Hana-chan.I know we all felt closer to Yoshi because you were there.
    Regis,Abby and Mae and Euan,thanks too.Chie and Ike-san thank you also.The Doctor I sailed with you and Yoshi and Sekiguchi-san I sailed with you on Puff at Moro iso.Thanks.
    Mike Snyder,thanks for the sail with you and that red headed guy I met when you were trying to work the bugs out of your ..hydro pilot.It`s too bad you did`nt have better sailors to give you a hand.
    All the same,I can tell you that Yoshi remembered you and Distant Dreamer well.
    His old sempai on Second Glance he also remembered well.
    11 months since my best friend passed away,and it seems like exactly 11 months.The last I saw him was on November the 6th,and that seems like a very,very long time ago.
    I guess that the last time I saw him will always seem like a very,very long time ago.
    Peace,harmony,fair winds,Yoshi.

  2. Well,a little more than two years on,and Hanako,and friends had a great party in Tsunashima on the 12th.It was fun.Lots of laughs and old `sailing yarns` thrown around and shared.I have been recently watching some great youtube channels`Rick Moore Ambient Real Life`also `Sailng Delos` and `Sailing La Vagabond`..these channels have really come into their own just the last year or so.I wish I could get to Denenchofu at Yoshi`s place and we could give them a watch together.I know he would love them.Also the Vendee Globe Race has just started 2016.We followed very closely the 2012,2008 and 2004 races together..I wish we could watch this one and cheer on Kojiro Shiraishi ( Spirit of Yukoh) but I guess he is watching the race and has a better view of it than I do !
    I think of you lots buddy.

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