Boat License Renewal in Tokyo

Renew your boat operator’s license in the centre of Tokyo!

(As of May 2020 – please check the JEIS website below before going to the JEIS Kojimachi Office in case there have been any changes or updates. The website is only in Japanese.)

There is a basement office and classroom in Chiyoda-ku, a few paces from Kojimachi Station, where you can renew your boat operator’s license. It’s run by the JEIS (Japan Educational Institute for Seamen):

To renew your license, (1) check the JEIS Kojimachi Office renewal/re-issuance class schedule in advance here (in Japanese), (2) click the correct time/date and fill out the web application or mail it in (in Japanese), and (3) arrive at the Kojimachi Office (see below) by 11:30-12:00 on the appointed date (about 30-60 minutes prior to 12:30 when the office opens its doors – note that office hours may vary depending on the appointed date). Please note that the application must be submitted in advance and the submission deadline is at least 5 days in advance.

Take your (1) old license, (2) two recent (taken within the last six months) photos 45 x 35 mm, (3) glasses, contacts, or hearing aids if you wear them, and (4) your hanko (personal seal) if you have one. (They have a photo booth in the hallway if you need it – 700 yen as of May 2020.) Fill in the required forms carefully, pay the fee (8,300 yen as of October 2021), have your eyesight, hearing, etc. checked, and then wait for the lecture and video (~45-60 mins). Done! The entire process will last from about 12:30-13:30 (1 hour) depending on the date. You don’t get your new license on the day, but it will be sent to you a few days later.

  • Please note that the renewal process will be different for folks that have had their license expire or need to make changes to any information displayed on the license itself (name, address, etc.):
    • If your license has expired, you will need to attend an extra lecture (~25 mins) and video (~25 mins), then complete a sheet of ten multiple-choice questions as a kind of comprehension check, but it is set up so that almost everyone passes. Note that you can renew your license in the year before it expires. The fee for expired licenses is higher – 17,200 yen as of October 2021. The total time required to complete the process of renewing an expired license is about 2.5 hours (12:30-15:00 depending on the date).
    • If you need to make changes to any information displayed on your license, be sure to bring a recent Certificate of Residence (Juminhyo – 住民票) displaying your nationality. The recent Certificate of Residence should be obtained at your local ward office in advance. Check with the JEIS Kojimachi Office staff in advance about any additional forms that they may require depending on your individual situation.

Address: Kojimachi 4-5, Kaiji Center Bldg B1
Phone:  (03) 3263-0301

TEL 03-3263-0301

Directions: Exit Kojimachi station at Exit 2; turn left and walk 50 feet to the first street on the left; walk down that street 50 feet and on the right is a sign with blue Roman letters JEIS; there is an arrow pointing down to B1. You are there.

License Renewal Details (in Japanese):