Enjoy These TSPS Member Benefits and Discounts

Hi Gents,

Just to let you know I rented 3 cars on my recent trip to Australia – not all at once though – and saved at least over $100 using the TSPS membership benefit program. Avis and Budget are members of the program which works worldwide. Thought you might like to know that the benefits outweigh the cost of membership!

This simple message received last week from a TSPS member is prompting us to remind you that there are considerable financial benefits to being a TSPS member. In addition to discounted TSPS social events, such as the upcoming Rendezvous or the monthly Keelhaul which if attended often enough can recoup more than half your annual fees, members are entitled to a raft of discounts provided through our parent organization. The Avis and Budget car rental discounts are good examples of what’s available. Here are some of the services offering benefits and discounts.

USPS is of course an American organization, and so naturally most of the benefits of membership can be had in the US only. However, if you’re planning a trip stateside, you may find some of the benefits and discounts helpful, such as the USPS Vacation Center, which offers discounts on local and international vacation packages. Discounts are also available for US hotel chains, and health and travel insurance  For a list of benefits available take a look at the uspsbenefits.org webpage.

While we’re on the subject of discounts, West Marine offers international shipping of most of their marine products. Looking for new wet gear or a winch or a shackle? Check out the West Advantages page on the West Marine website. Their Silver and Gold rewards schemes add even more of a discount to your purchases, and come highly recommended by a few of our boat-owning members. There is no specific TSPS membership discount, but as boating people, we can use every discount we can find. Check it out.

One final discount well worth mentioning… The Bulldog Pub in Yurakucho. For more than a few years, TSPS has been holding its monthly Keelhaul get-togethers at the Bulldog and for all those years each TSPS member has received a 10% discount. We recently met with management and got this discount extended to card-carrying TSPS members slaking their thirst on any day at any time. So the next time you’re feeling a bit peckish and thirsty, head down to the Bulldog, flash your USPS membership card, and receive 10% off. Please note, this discount applies only to members, and not to non-members in the company of members.

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