HMYC-TSPS Joint Sailing Event Outstanding Fun

Crew of racing yacht Fellows hard at work in one of two races they did, along with some TSPS members holding on for dear life and serving as rail meat. That’s PJ on the lower right. The bowman was heroic. Great crew. (Photo by Philippe Valdois)

TSPS was once again honored to be able to participate in the Sailors for the Sea・Sunset Regatta & Party, a joint event with Hayama Marina Yacht Club this year. We were invited by the fine sailors of the HMYC to come aboard their boats and witness great crew coordination and fine sailing techniques in two races in 25-28 knot winds. It was truly a great experience. A visitor from Hawaii Yacht Club said he had never gone more than 20 knots on a racing vessel before–testament to the high quality of the sailboats here.

After the boating, there was pizza and cold cuts in the Captains’ Quarters, followed by a fine feast in the boatyard. Barbecue fires were lit and lots of beef, scallops, corn, onions and assorted veggies were cooked up, along with liberal quantities of liquid sustenance. Then, to the surprise of all, there were amazing performances of Japanese dance and belly dancing. Truly a dazzling spectacle under the twilight skies.

TSPS heartily thanks Commander Hirai and Chief Fun Organizer Maruo, and all the people at HMYC who worked so hard to make this event happen. Truly a special bunch of people.

We look forward to more joint events with HMYC and hope that we can reciprocate in some way in the future.

Lots of photos here.

2 thoughts on “HMYC-TSPS Joint Sailing Event Outstanding Fun

  1. Wow! That must have been a thrilling race!
    A great event – with a lot of fun during the race and afterwards at the party.

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