How to maintain & trouble-shoot a yacht’s Diesel Engine

by Timothy Langley

June 13, 2024

TSPS Members sponsor various activities related to sailing or being out-on-the-water; this is one of them.

A WhatasApp Group, “Marine Diesel Maintenance & Repair Group” was established by former Commander Dave Edwards last month. It is picking-up steam.

If you seek competency to take care of mechanical issues that might pop-up, or are interested in finding out how the diesel-engine actually works on a boat, you should join this WhatsApp Group. Recommended for boat owners but also to hopeful Owners as well. Learn what to look-out for, and what sounds to attune your ears to, how to fix any issue that might arise. Very useful.

The first session (June 1, 2024), originally intended as a refresher-course, was a full-blown seminar on fuel repair and maintenance. Evan Burkowsky, Captain/Owner/Rebirther of a 33’ Peterson sailing yacht (45 years old), christened “Garuda”, held a 4 hour-seminar on his boat in Hayama Port  … on the Chiba peninsula, between Kizarazu (Costco) and Tateyama (tip of the peninsula).

A follow-up seminar is planned so sign-into the Group to register your interest.

In the next session, we will be looking into the cooling system: wave ‘goodbye’ to overheating engines and ‘hello’ to cool cruising! Maximum ~10 individuals. Exclusive to TSPS Members.


Timothy Langley

About Timothy Langley

I have been aware of TSPS for 15 years but only fell into it when someone invited me to a Keelhaul; I didn't know what it was. I signed-up to take the test, aced-it thanks to TSPS, and thereafter changed my weekends of working on old cars to sailing regularly. I soon stumbled on a decrepit abandoned yacht, purchased it, fixed it up, sailed the heck out of it. It is now a very proper and reliable sailing vessel. Under the tutelage of Captain Burkowsky I started my journey to somewhat-competence as a solo sailor (a long road). I am nowadays out on the Pacific almost every weekend. Completely smitten.

4 thoughts on “How to maintain & trouble-shoot a yacht’s Diesel Engine

  1. Great to learn more about the resources and benefits TSPS. Makes it worth it to be a member!

  2. This event could win the prize for best education outside of JMRA class for 2024. Great job Evan! And great right up.

    1. Thank you for the question, Toshi! Just post a message to the WhatsApp Group and they will let you in. There are about 5 different WhatsApp Groups related to TSPS sailing. You just need to keep abreast of developments by checking on the discussion regularly. I hope this helps.

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