Invitation To Sail In Hayama Marina’s Odagiri Cup Club Race

Sailboats Racing 0n Sagami Bay

For many years, our friends at Hayama Marina Yacht Club have been inviting TSPS members to join them for an annual sail on the beautiful waters of Sagami Bay, and for many years we have taken them up on the offer. Typically, a day would be a sail in the morning, lunch at anchor, more sailing, then a barbecue and perhaps some karaoke in the boatyard. This year, however, things are a bit different. Gone is the leisurely, go-wherever-the-wind-blows-you approach. In its place is a dip in the highly-competitive world of yacht racing.

That’s right. TSPS and its members have been invited to crew on Hayama boats participating in the annual Odagiri Cup Race, a twenty-mile distance race between Hayama port and Eboshi-iwa off the coast of Chigasaki. Twenty to thirty-five boats are expected to participate the race.

Here are the details of Race Day:

Date: Sunday, July 2nd 2017
Meeting time: 9:00AM at Hayama Marina
Fee:   Adults, ¥4,000, kids under 18, ¥2,000
8:45: Boat registration
9:00: Skippers meeting
9:30: Leave dock
10:30: Odagiri Cup race start
15:00: Winners ceremony & party, more food & drinks

Two boat classes will participate–racer and moderate. The racer class is made up of ten boats that participate regularly in club, intra-club, and national-level races, while the moderate class is for non-racing boats; that is, yachts that normally sail weekends in a more leisurely fashion. Each racer-class boat will take aboard one TSPS member with sufficient boating experience to actively participate as a crew member. Those of us with less racing/boating experience will be welcomed aboard the moderate class boats, which will carry one or more TSPS members, depending on capacity. (This is important if you intend to bring along a group of friends, as your group may be split up and placed on different boats.)

Additionally, HMYC is inviting TSPS members with sailboats to participate in the race.

While racing, bread, in the form of sandwiches, and water will be provided for nourishment and refreshment, but once back at the docks after the race, HMYC will lay out a hearty spread with celebratory drink for the post-race winner’s ceremonies and party.

At HMYC’s request, we are limiting sign-ups to 30 TSPS members and their family and/or guests, with a June 12 pre-event deadline, and final numbers by June 23. To help HMYC and us arrive at a reasonable estimate of  the number of participants, please sign up before June 12.

Sign-ups are limited to four per group.

To sign up for the race, go to Odagiri Cup Race at Hayama Marina signup page.

Please note: cancellations must be received by email before June 28, 2017. We will be asking for full payment by bank transfer from those who cancel late or fail to show up at the event.

If you have any questions or wish to cancel, email Cruise Coordinator Mike Snyder.




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