July Keelhaul Report

by Timothy Langley uploaded July 4, 2024

Wednesday night we held our regularly-scheduled 1st-Wednesday-of-every-month Keelhaul at Pizzakaya in Nishi-Azabu.

It was a huge success… the largest ever (even though some of the regulars were missing!). The entire place was full with no seats available throughout the entire establishment: Derek (Owner) was very pleased but very busy. The food was great and the service kept up with the demand; Tabasco was liberally dispensed.

As it stands, 30 Members and Guests attended:

  • 6 Bridge Members
    • Commander: Bill Van Alstine
    • Social Activities Chair: Svetlana Ilyushechkina (Organized tonight)
    • Treasurer: Maria Tenold
    • WebMaster: Ash Smart
    • Education Chair: Claude Strobbe
    • Secretary & Legal Officer: Timothy Langley
  • 6 Guests
    • Maya Matsuoka
    • Miki Toyota
    • Dominique’s son
    • Makoto Steiner
    • Jan (former Member, visiting from …)
  • 7 Captains
    • Darren Halliday, Halcyon (34.5’ Hanse)
    • Evan Burkowsky, Garuda (33′ Peterson 1984)
    • Chris Eve, EOTHEN (24′ Cornish Crabber)
    • Timothy Langley, Santana (26′ Yamaha 1986)
    • Toshio Tanaka, Stella Maris (30′ New Japan Yacht Esprit du vent, 1989)
    • Claude Strobbe, ANAIS (33′ Kawamoto-made New Japan Yacht design)
    • Mike Scott, Hui Aloha (31′ cabin cruiser)
  • 5 New Members
    • Frank Miller
    • Denis Hubbs
    • Yuta Shimada
  • 16% women


Since next weekend is three-days (Marine Day a National Holiday on Monday):

TSPS proposes to sail as many boats as possible to Misaki; overnight there on Saturday; continue-on sailing throughout Sunday & Monday (perhaps sail to Oshima, overnight there on Sunday, sail back to home-port on Monday?).

There are some looking for a bit more adventure and suggest a run to Shimoda and back… completely doable but a farther reach across Sagami Bay. We will explore if there are any takers next week. Personally, I love going to Shimoda: the 1000 people onsen, the Soul Bar Tosaya right there on the docks (open until 3~4 am!), the walking available, the grub, etc. Plus lots of TSPS Members who live there.

For Members looking for crewing-opportunities, an email and a list of available spots & destinations will be circulated next week. Hopefully there will be plenty of chances to get out under sail next weekend. Stay tuned and please weigh-in!

Our Next Keelhaul is August 7… 6:30 and once again at the fabulous Pizzakaya. Be aware this is likewise followed by a three-day weekend (Mountain Day)! Let’s enhance what we are able to achieve this next weekend?

Here are some photos of the gathering:

Finally, please don’t forget to submit Posts for uploading on Skuttlebutt: Drink For Free at the next-following Keelhaul! Must be sailing-related and packed with photos.

Timothy Langley

About Timothy Langley

I have been aware of TSPS for 15 years but only fell into it when someone invited me to a Keelhaul; I didn't know what it was. I signed-up to take the test, aced-it thanks to TSPS, and thereafter changed my weekends of working on old cars to sailing regularly. I soon stumbled on a decrepit abandoned yacht, purchased it, fixed it up, sailed the heck out of it. It is now a very proper and reliable sailing vessel. Under the tutelage of Captain Burkowsky I started my journey to somewhat-competence as a solo sailor (a long road). I am nowadays out on the Pacific almost every weekend. Completely smitten.

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