May Keelhaul 2024

By Timothy Langley

May 15, 2024

The notice for this month’s Keelhaul went-out late, probably due to the fact that only a week earlier everyone returned from a long Golden Week holiday? With apologies. Also, this Keelhaul fell on the second Wednesday whereas traditionally every first Wednesday is reserved for this seminal TSPS event. Don’t forget: always a Keelhaul, always first Wednesday, every month. Except when it is not.

If you have never been, this is the entrance to Pizzakaya… right across the street from the new onsen on Roppongi-dori, Thermae-Yu.

In any event, this was another vibrant success! Eight people showed-up at the centrally-located Pizzakaya in Nishi-Azabu. To all’s delight, ole’ timer and former Commander Eugen Mall showed-up! Always the dapper-dresser, Commander Eugen regaled the swaying throng of TSPSers with tales from the past. I hadn’t heard until then that the Keelhaul originated at Pizzakaya many years ago, first facilitated by Bridge Governor Jeff Canady and under Eugen’s leadership. Wow, thank you Jeff and Eugen!

Anyway, Keelhaul is one of the legacies we get to enjoy as Members. It is the only regularly-scheduled event of the club. You can always expect some salty dogs to show-up. It was great to see Commander Eugen (who incidentally was the individual who got me introduced to TSPS ~12 years ago!).

You just never know who will show-up: Gerard Brady chowing down after a successful (apparently) streetfight just to get into the Keelhaul!

Well-traveled Gennady Gordeev livening-up the atmosphere! Born and raised on Sakalin island, Gena also attended Georgia Tech in my home-state of Atlanta! What a small whirled!

Hamming it up for the camera, Bridge Secretary Timothy (me) and new Member Gaspard Dessy imbibing on the other essential element of any Keelhaul.

Wishing it was a real gun, Maksim Ziurin jealously guards his bottle of Tabasco… another essential…

Former Commander Eugen explaining the whatever to Gena….

Eugen Mall with a draft draft…

Ole’ blue eyes… easy to see why he was elected Commander. Pizzakaya co-Owner Michael in the background overseeing the mosh-pit.

Dapper Eugen pulling-out a reef of ancient documents on celestial sailing and navigating from a lifeboat. Where in the hell does he GET these things?! He says he has a whole cardboard box of them!

In closing: TSPS Members who provide sailing-related or TSPS-related stories for Skuttlebutt-publication will drink for free at the next Keelhaul. Posters of relevant, engaging Comments receive slaps on backs and “atta-boy!” recognition at the Keelhaul. Please consider submitting a description of your experience for others to enjoy or add a pithy Comment. Submit stories to any Bridge Member for uploading.


About Timothy Langley

I have only been sailing for the last 4 years or so, drawn to TSPS and the suggestion of sailing (I wasn't really looking) when a friend invited me to a Keelhaul. Several friends and old-timers who I never imagined were connected to the sea were active Members. After a few pints I thought, "why not...". I stopped hitting the sauna on weekends and working on old cars and, in no time, was sailing regularly. I soon stumbled on a decrepit yacht that needed some attention. So I purchased it, fixed it up and sailed the heck out of it. It is now a very proper and reliable sailing vessel. And, as a consequence, I have become somewhat competent as a solo sailor. I long for something bigger (Santana is a 40 year old Yamaha 26' possessing a proper enclosed head, a good galley, two berths, dry, comfy, reliable: sleeps 4) but in the meantime I am out on the Pacific almost weekly. Completely smitten.

2 thoughts on “May Keelhaul 2024

  1. Great to see some of the old-timers, almost didn’t recognize Jerry as he had much more hair then when I last saw him.

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