Member Minoru Saito Bound For Guam and Beyond

Shuten Dohji departs Yokohama

Minoru Saito is once again at the helm of Shuten Dohji II, this time en route to Guam. There he will re-certify his vessel, something he does every three years as the boat is not registered as a Japanese ship. From Guam, his plan is to continue south to Australia for ship maintenance and mast work. Later, he intends to take the boat to Tasmania where he will leave the boat for a time. We’re not sure when or if he plans to sail Shuten Dohji back to Japan or whether the plan is to position his vessel for an attempt at a ninth circumnavigation, unlikely as it seems. But when it comes to Saito-san and the sea, anything and everything is possible.

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We at TSPS wish him only fair winds and following seas, and eventually a safe return to Japan.

Saito-san in Ogasawara 6/17/17


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