Nice Turnout for Rendezvous

The weather not cooperating? It was downright spiteful.  But 15 June was the day of the TSPS Spring Rendezvous and barbecue and like the USPS – the postal ones – our members braved the sleet and snow, sorry, the driving rain part to arrive at Yumenoshima Marina where the members of Sailability Tokyo, our very good friends waited with their dinghies. The wind was there, rain falling at a forty five degree angle, and from 1pm on, members began to show up and avail themselves of the opportunity to sail.  

Non-sailing members and guests began to arrive early as well and those not sailing had the opportunity to introduce one another at the ground floor lobby of the marina, where the generous seating provided a place to relax and make new friends. The BBQ itself began at 3pm and TSPS had a turnout of 52 members and guests.  Participants were seated inside the restaurant while volunteers selected themselves to man the three large grills that were already fired up and ready for the heaping trays of meat and vegetables that were brought out to cook. The food and drink were great, but the conversation and camaraderie were even better.

Of special note, Lowell Sheppard announced the imminent purchase of Wahine from fellow TSPS member Marcus Von Engel, and his open recruitment for crew. At the end of the event, those not ready to go home were invited aboard Dream Weaver, by Doug Smith who crossed the Pacific from San Diego to Japan with blind sailor Hiro Iwamoto. You will never see a more immaculate boat than Dream Weaver.

A special thanks to our member Jiro Fujiwara for arranging the dinghies from Salability Tokyo and to Rick Pawell. Rick had double duty, working as a volunteer for the dinghy sailing with Sailability Tokyo and as the arranger for the BBQ, which you can guess is a lot of work.  

It was a great turnout and a great time, with less than great weather. Thanks to all for participating and making it a success.

Bill Van Alstine, contributor

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