Onboard The Tartan 26 On A Clear Day

Our membership in the Velasis Marina Marine Club has been a great success. Here are some photos taken aboard Beluga II on the waters around Uraga by Skipper PJ Domenjoz and a few of the people who sailed with him.

The program has been a great success. In the five months we’ve been active, we’ve gone out over twenty times and have had more than thirty people aboard. We’ve been lucky with the weather and only twice have we had to cancel because of too much wind or rain. We’ve sailed three times with intermittent rain, but by and large, the sailing days have been come equipped with comfortable winds and sunshine.

More information about fees and location can be found here.

We try to sail every weekend, and TSPS members, their friends and family, and Friends of TSPS are welcome to join us.

Hope to see you on the Tartan this autumn.

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