Pacific Solo – Update from TSPS member Lowell Sheppard

One year has passed since I announced my Pacific Solo dream.

Here I am, now living part-time on SV Wahine a Gibsea 402, at Yumenoshima Marina in Tokyo which I bought (I prefer the term “became guardian of”) – from TSPS member Marcus von Engel. As you no doubt know, Yumenoshima is an island made out of garbage and literally means “Island of Dreams”.  

My learning curve has been steep, and changes dramatic.  I would not be here if it was not for the Tokyo Sail and Power Squadron, as I had given up on my dream of owning a boat and sailing an ocean after my wife and I moved to Japan 22 years ago.  Although I had inquired over the years, and sailed lasers at Yamanakako every summer, the thought of getting a boat license and a boat just seemed too expensive and with my limited Japanese impossible

Discovering TSPS along with some JP boatowners with whom I crewed for a year, changed all that.

So the last year has brought along of changes.  Including changes in my professional life.  We found a successor to run HOPE Internatonal Development Agency Japan. I remain Asia Director but in a volunteer capacity.

I started an Ethics, Sustainablity and Social Legacy consultancy in January, which immediately stalled with Corona and potential clients saying not until 2021.  So the silver lining . . . SV Wahine and I have been able to spend quality time together and to focus on the Pacific Solo YouTube Channel.

I have finished Season 1 which featured my first few months and experiences with Wahine and with crew including Claude and Rick of TSPS. Season 2 will follow the story of ongoing challenges to get the boat read for the eventual crossing in 2022.  One of the biggest is regulatory.

Another challenge is getting my YouTube Channel to 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 viewing hours, which is the threshold before You Tube allows me to monetize the channel.  It is one of the ways I am hoping to generate the revenue to fund this project. 

Here is the link to my Youtube Channel ( and the latest episode which features the installation of the HyrdroVane.  If you have the time to watch it, please leave a comment and if you liked it, then click like and most of all please subscribe.  It is free.

Link to my blog:

Thanks TSPS for helping me realize a dream!

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