Past TSPS Commander Shun-ichiro Yamamoto Passes Away


It is with great regret that we inform our membership of the passing of Past Commander Shun-ichiro Yamamoto. Yamamoto-san was a member of TSPS for over 22 years and served as our first and thus far only Japanese commander in 2001. He was long an active member whose participation in recent years included the annual Change of Watch and Hayama barbecues. He was a very good friend to many in the squadron.

Yamamoto-san spent weekends on his boat and could often be found aboard Mambow cleaning and polishing, or preparing for a daysail on the waters off Hayama. Occasionally, he would gather old sailing friends and set off for adventures offshore.

Yamamoto-san suffered a head injury from a fall on the docks at Hayama Abuzuri Port and succumbed to his injuries on May 20th. He was 79 years old.

The Tokyo Sail & Power Squadron extends its condolences to Yamamoto-san’s family. He will be missed. May he rest in peace.

TSPS Treasurer and long-time friend of Yamamoto-san Tony Whitman will represent the Bridge at the funeral.

Warren Fraser
Commander, Tokyo Sail & Power Squadron



7 thoughts on “Past TSPS Commander Shun-ichiro Yamamoto Passes Away

  1. I appreciate for all we, TSPS have done for Yamamoto-san.
    I am having a moment of sadness for the memory of sailing with Yamamoto-san on his boat Hayama – Enoshima.

  2. While I didn’t know Yamamoto-san well, I found him warm and caring. He enjoyed attending the TSPS COWs and thanked me personally for the work put into the effort. He will be missed by many TSPS members.

  3. Whenever I saw Yamamoto-san at TSPS functions, we talked boats, of course, and I always said, “Well, one of these days I have to come down to your boat on a Sunday and see what you’re doing to it.” I never did, always being “busy” with something. I’m sad that I won’t get to talk to him more or go see his boat. He was one of the nicest guys I’ve met here in Japan. A true gentleman. He did a lot for TSPS, too. I’ll definitely miss him.

  4. Several years ago Yamamoto san invited my wife and I for a sail. He was a kind and thoughtful host and we had a very enjoyable day. Ever since he would always make a point of coming to us at TSPS meetings and have a chat about sailing and invite us again – sadly we were never able to do this. He was always cheerful and ready to help out the squadron with whatever was asked of him. We will all miss him very much

  5. I considered him a very good friend and a valuable member of the Squadron who was always ready to lend a hand when asked. He was always one of the first to arrive at the Spring Rendezvous in Misaki to help set up, and did everything he was asked with a smile and quiet demeanor.

    I hate that he died and Eiko and I will miss him greatly, but I know that this is exactly how he would have preferred to go… near his boat and by the water he loved so much.

    Fair winds, Yamamoto-san!

  6. Yamamoto-san was a good friend and a very important link in our Class 2 training activities. He arranged for the vessel we used for the practice demonstrations and worked with the students to prepare them for the JMRA tests.

    As a friend he was very enjoyable to be with and talk to as his knowledge of boating was vast. Now I regret that I had only been on Mambow only twice but each time held good memories and very enjoyable outings.

    May he always have fair winds and following seas.

  7. So sorry to hear this. Yamamoto-san was extremely personable at TSPS events, and was quite brave in volunteering to serve as commander of such a motley group of foreigners and Japanese sailors. He was visibly relieved when it was over. Whenever I greeted him as our ‘Once and Future Commander,’ he seemed amused, but just a bit guarded…

    Yamamoto-san was was extremely helpful to me in my search for a new boat on several occasions. Once I asked him if he knew about a certain boat that used to be moored in Hayama, but was at that time for sale in Yokohama. He said that the boat had a crack along the deck seal along the top of the hull that was irreparable; whenever the boat was heeled way over, water would pour in. The previous owner had given the boat away, said Yamamoto-san, and was very surprised that a broker was trying to sell it… On another occasion about 10 years ago, he was kind enough to introduce me to a boat owner who was trying to sell his yacht. This was despite the fact that Yamamoto-san was ill at the time, and in visible discomfort. I felt quite guilty because I had not realized that he was not feeling well. Luckily he overcame, and enjoyed another decade of life, and we were all the luckier for that.

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