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David Devlin Sets Sail For Australia

TSPS sailor David Devlin set off from Shimoda port aboard Yarramundi, his Jeaunneau 34 on March 25 bound for Sydney, Australia, a voyage that we understand may take up to a year to complete. His course south will begin with stops in Shikinejima and Hachijojima in the Izu Islands south of Tokyo, before setting off for Ogasawara in the Bonin island chain, some 480 nautical miles south-south east of Shimoda. We’re not sure in which direction David will point the bow from there, but he’ll likely be stopping at some of the islands that dot the Philippine Sea and other areas because in addition to running his business and sailing, David is also an avid underwater photographer. We’re pretty sure he won’t pass up on opportunities to dive in places like Palau, Truk, or Yap. Along the way, a few fortunate friends will accompany David aboard Yarramundi on various legs of this 6,000 nautical mile voyage to Sydney. Lucky them!

We’ll keep you posted as more specific information about David’s trip comes to us. If you’d like to follow his voyage south you can read about it on his Sailblog, ‘Towards Sydney’.

You can see David, Yarramundi and other TSPS boats underway in this video.

On behalf of everyone at TSPS, we wish David a very pleasant  and safe voyage on his way toward Sydney.