The Change-of-Watch, 2024 Yokohama Boat Show, and THE Super Keelhaul!

by Timothy Langley on March 8th, 2024

Ahoy Members and Friends-of-TSPS. Our annual shareholder meeting, The Change-of-Watch, is approaching. There are other events this month, too, so here is where to go & how to get involved, get-in-free, join in the Super Keelhaul… all in one place!

Annual Change-of-Watch

March 13 at 7:00 Our annual shareholder meeting. There are lots of things to decide. 36 Members so far ‘attending’ for quorum purposes. To pass resolutions, 66.6% approval from at-least 50% of the membership is required. Total Membership is ~98 people, Quorum is 49 people, Approval is 33 Members. Please join to voice-vote or, if you cannot make it, assign your voting-proxy to the TSPS Secretary. Contact me directly if you want the Agenda or whatever. Dial-in for the 3/13 7:00 pm on Wednesday March 13 is:  Click Here to Zoom Meeting ID: 871 3318 4489 Passcode: 563984.

Yokohama International Boat Show.

The 21st ~ 24th of March. Four days at the Yokohama Pacifico and on-the-water-display of new boats & yachts at Bayside Marina (  Members have free passes but…

… the Pacifico venue is huge. To get-in for FREE!, you must first Register with your intention with date and time-of-day (roughly is okay). Then, upon arrival, you will be escorted in by one of the Booth Members who will be at the main entry every 20 minutes or so.

Call if you need assistance:

Duty Schedule at the Booth:

  • March 20 (Wed) set-up day
    • William Van Alstine
    • Bruce Reinhart, Claude Strobbe
  • meet up 10:00 @Yokohama Pacifico
  • March 21 (Thu)
    • 10:30 – 14:00  Svetlana Ilyushechkina
    • Yves Simon
    • 13:30 – 17:00 Matt Schwarz, Chris Pitts
    • meet up 10:30 @Yokohama Pacifico (11:30 start)
  • Chris takes the passes when leaves
  • March 22 (Fri)
    • 10:00 – 14:00  Yoko (Airi), Chris Pitts
    • 13:30 – 17:00 
    • Brendan Morris
    • Yves Simon
  • meet up 10:00 @Yokohama Pacifico (10:30 start)
  • March 23 (Sat) SUPER KEELHAUL DAY!
    • 9:30 – 14:00  Bernard Languillier, John Kratochvil, Timothy Langley
    • 13:30 – 17:00  Christopher Eve, Bruce Reinhart
    • Victor Tomescu
  • meet up 9:30 @Yokohama Pacifico (10:00 start)
  • Bruce takes passes when leaves
  • March 24 (Sun) + dismantle
    • 9:30 – 15:00 Vlad Legeza, Bruce Reinhart
    • 14:30 – 19:00 William Van Alstine, Victor Tomescu, Claude Strobbe
  • meet up 9:30 @Yokohama Pacifico (10:00 start)

Booth Location:

TSPS Booth Volunteering.

For the 3rd consecutive year, TSPS will host a booth at this fabulous event. Last year’s was incredibly successful: one of the most vibrant booths in the entire Event Hall! Please register your availability to contribute a slot-of-time one of the days


The Bridge authorized replenishment of not only:

(1.) TSPS logo hats and

(2.) blue polo shirts, but also

(3.) commissioned 50 long-sleeve white tee-shirts with “Get Keelhauled” logo. These will go fast!

Sales only at the TSPS booth & Super Keelhaul: volunteers get at discount. Cash only. Captain Bruce Reinhart in-charge-of sales.

Super Keelhaul.

Last year was a blow-out with almost 50 attendees! This event is held on March 23, the Saturday evening after the Boat Show closes doors at 6:00. Either rendezvous at the Booth or at Wolfgang Puck’s… but you MUST register and pay in advance: please see

This is the collection of participants to the Super Keelhaul in 2023 at Wolfgang Puck’s! (… minus, of course, the 5 or 6 still sprawled under the counter after one-too-many)

Though the core of TSPS

…is helping people qualify for the Japanese boat licensing tests (the schedule of Tests and classes are now posted on the TSPS website) in English (and doing this successfully for 40+ years(!), there are regular social components and skills-upgrading opportunities, too. Similarly, there are opportunities to get out on the water, crew on someone’s boat, join in overnight sailing ventures, purchasing a yacht or rescuing/restoring something of timeless worth (a couple of those projects on-going and wildly bragged about over beers).

Please join the April Keelhaul at the Pizzakaya in Roppongi from 7:00 o’clock (but earlier is better!). The First Wednesday of Every Month, i.e, April 3rd.

Timothy Langley

About Timothy Langley

I have been aware of TSPS for 15 years but only fell into it when someone invited me to a Keelhaul; I didn't know what it was. I signed-up to take the test, aced-it thanks to TSPS, and thereafter changed my weekends of working on old cars to sailing regularly. I soon stumbled on a decrepit abandoned yacht, purchased it, fixed it up, sailed the heck out of it. It is now a very proper and reliable sailing vessel. Under the tutelage of Captain Burkowsky I started my journey to somewhat-competence as a solo sailor (a long road). I am nowadays out on the Pacific almost every weekend. Completely smitten.

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