The Taming of the Spinnaker

Today, Skipper Alex and a ragtag crew from TSPS sailed a Yamaha 30S rental boat from Hayama Marina and were successful in rigging, hoisting, and jibbing a spinnaker sail twice. Even though the extra sheets, halyards, guys, pole, and blocks, created mixed looks of consternation and uncertainty at first, the weather gods smiled upon us with light winds, cool temperatures, and pleasant sunshine while First Mate Rick guided the entire crew patiently through the steps required to tame the spinnaker and its accoutrements. By the end, the crew had learned how to make the spinnaker fly, how to trim it, and how to drop it when necessary. And we even practiced re-packing the spinnaker sail appropriately so that it would be primed for its next mission.

Rather than listen to anymore of this braggadocio, see the results for yourself below! We are looking to be in racing form by next year.

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