TSPS Crew Asks, “What Do We Do With A Drunken Sailor?” at 2016 Bonenkai

This beautiful tree is in no way related to the 2016 TSPS Bonenkai in any way other than to adorn this post.
A beautiful tree in an office lobby close by but totally unrelated to the 2016 TSPS Bonenkai. Photo: Warren D. Fraser

On December 7, 2016, the TSPS Bonenkai was held at Choro’s D in Kamiyacho for the second year running. Commander David Sutton-Kirkby kicked off the event with a champagne toast to the squadron, and to its members. After people had mingled for a while, the restaurant staff began delivering dishes of caesar salad, smoked salmon, pizza, pasta, roasted pork and other delights that made up the menu for the evening. To wash it all down the crew finished off the remainder of the champagne and then started in on good wines and other beverages.

As it was at the 2015 Bonenkai, we were entertained by two classically-trained musicians; Carl Herrin on guitar and Chiaki  Yamazaki on violin. Carl graduated from the Royal Academy of Music and has performed all over the world, while Chiaki returned to Japan after eight years as Concert Master with two orchestras in the Czech republic. As the commander said when introducing them, “The proceedings tonight are in need of a little class .” Or was it culture?

Carl and Chiaki began by playing a short set of classical music which included a piece by Elgar requested by the commander before leading the guests in a rousing breezy version of Sailing. They returned later in the evening after the tables had been cleared and played a few more classical tunes, as well as Ave Maria by request, before tearing into a the sing-song shanty, Drunken Sailor.  The collective voices of the crew bellowing the refrain “Shave his belly with a rusty razor” shook ever so slightly the exposed rafters of the rustic restaurant.

We then spotted guest Takayuki Yamasaki videoing the entertainment with his smartphone and asked if he would share. He has graciously provided video of the two songs sung by the attendees. 

‘Drunken Sailor’


It was a very nice evening for all in attendance, and we thank everyone who came out. Also, a special thank you to Carl and Chiaki for playing their lovely music, and to Commander Sutton-Kirkby for organizing the evening.

Note: Two upcoming events are on the TSPS calendar for February. We will be holding an open seminar on the subject of boating in Japan, and a later in the month we will have our annual Change of Watch. Both events are scheduled for the Foreign Correspondent’s Club in Japan (FCCJ.) We’ll be sending out information as we draw closer to the event dates. Hope you can make it out for them.

Photos by Warren D. Fraser

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