TSPS Donates To The Save Minamisoma Project


On the evening of September 27th in Roppongi, Tokyo, the Save Minamisoma Project held a fundraiser and the Tokyo Sail and Power Squadron was on hand to make a donation to help fund their worthwhile efforts to supply food to Minamisoma in Fukushima. Representing TSPS was Commander Warren Fraser and TSPS member Wolfgang Bierer who together in front of a packed room presented a check for ¥200,000 to Project chairperson August Hergesheimer. By the end of the evening the project raised over ¥466,000.

In thanks prior to the fundraiser, we received the following email:

Dear Commander Fraser:

I cannot find the words to justly thank you and your organization for the generous donation of Y200,000.  These much-needed funds will allow us to continue our deliveries of fresh vegetables & bottled water to residents still living in temporary housing in the city of Minamisoma, Fukushima-ken.  As you may well know, this city was affected by the triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami, and ongoing radioactive contamination.  Unfortunately, their return to their original neighbourhoods and a more normal life seems out of the question for yet some time.  Hence, we must continue our support for this community.

… thank you again for providing a shining example on how each of us can continue to show our compassion and support for the affected people of Tohoku.

With much respect,
August Hergesheimer

August explained later in the evening that our contribution was substantial and very helpful. It would provide funds, he said, to cover the cost of fuel for trucks making the journey to Minamisoma and purchase enough food to feed over 3,000 people. In discussing expenses, he was very clear that 100% of  the money raised was spent directly on supplying aid and that since they are a purely volunteer organization, not one yen was spent on non-food and non-delivery expenses.

This is our second tsunami relief donation. In February we donated to Toho Vocational Highschool in Kesennuma, Iwate. We have donated almost ¥500,000 this year and as Commander, I would like to say thank you to all the members of TSPS and the USPS who contributed to our fund and hope that in some small way our contributions have and will continue to make a difference in the lives of the people so strongly affected by the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power reactor failures in Tohoku.

A special thanks to Wolfgang Bierer for helping us find this worthwhile cause to support with our donation.

Warren Fraser
Commander, TSPS

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