TSPS-Hayama Marina Joint Event August 15

TSPS Members Aboard a Hayama BoatAhoy TSPS Members (and Wannabe Members, see below)!
Our friends at Hayama Marina are once again inviting TSPS members and their guests to join them for a day on the water. As last year, we’ll gather at Hayama Marina, board four or five boats, spend a pleasant morning and afternoon sailing, sit at anchor for lunch and a swim, and following our return to the marina join the Hayama Marina’s annual Hachigatsu da yo Zenin Shugo, or roughly, “Hey, It’s August, Dude. Let’s Party!” event. Last year we had live music, hula, belly, Tahitian dancers and more. We have been told that this year it will be even better. The event wraps up at 8:30 pm.
Here are the details as provided by Maruo-san at Hayama Marina:

Date: August 15th Saturday 2015
Time: 10:00AM at Hayama Marina,
Fee: Adults ¥4,000, Kids ¥2,000

Part I “Joint Sailing”
10:00: Meeting time (in front of the yellow building near the boat launching facility)
10:30: Set sail
11:30: Anchor at Morito Bay area for lunch, a swim, and drinks on the boat
14:00: Back to marina, shower
14:30: Beer & Refreshments at TSPS Guest Tent
Part II “Summer Festa: Hachigatudayo Zenin Shugo”
16:30: Bar Open, Food & Drinks
Dancers & Live Music
20:30 Sayonara
List of participants by Aug. 3 Monday (an early date in order to arrange enough boats)

There will be a TSPS guest tent and drinks back in the marina for the time between the events. Positively no climbing on the boats in the boat yard.

Lunch & drinks on the boats, drinks back in the guest tent are covered by the fee.

Food and drinks at the Summer festa are not included in the fee.

SIGN UP HERE (Deadline AUG 3)

We prefer you sign up online (it’s ridiculously easy), but if necessary you can send an email providing your full name and the full names of any guest(s) to commander@tspsjapan.org

NOTE: Non-members are welcome to attend if they become TSPS members by paying the membership fee at the event. Membership fees are here. If you can’make it to the cruise, come for the Festa.

Getting there:
Directions to Hayama Marina
By Car:
Take Yokohama-Yokosuka Toll Road, get off at Zushi-Interchange Exit 6, take left road to Hayama, pay ¥100 at toll gate after driving through tunnel, drive about 4 kilometers, go straight under overhead bridge for pedestrian with signal, drive through tunnel, turn left at next crossing with signal (AM-PM shop right side), go straight at next signal and Hayama Marina is 50 meters ahead of the signal, right side of the road. Parking is available.
By Train / Bus
Train time is around 1 hour from Tokyo to either Zushi or Shin-Zushi stations
If by JR (Yokosuka Line) to Zushi Station
Take bus no. 11 or 12 from bus stop no. 3
Get off at “ABUZURI HAYAMA MARINA MAE.” Travel time is about 10 minutes.
Proceed about 100 meter along the road the bus is on to Hayama Marina on right side of the street.
If by Keihin-Kyuko (to Shin-Zushi) station.
Exit the platform from the exit nearest the front of the train, Go to bus stop no. 2. Same bus no. 11 or 12 stops there.
Hope to see you in Hayama on August 15.
Eugen Mall
TSPS Commander

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