Whitewater Rafting Big Success, Bungee Bonus

For those who prefer their water rushing chaotically at incredible speeds, the whitewater rafting trip on Saturday June 13 this year was great. Conditions were perfect for the trip. Late-week rains in Gunma meant the water level in the Tone River was high, enabling the rafting company to begin the trip further north than is typically possible. This was only the second day this season that Canyons (our rafting guide company) has been able to raft the beautiful Momiji section of the river. Blue skies and snow capped mountains made for a terrific day.

Our sailors skillfully navigated all the rapids the river had for us, under the careful tutelage of our rafting guide, Sally. After a 16 km journey, with a couple of opportunities for a swim in the “refreshing” water, the group returned to Canyons base camp for a BBQ lunch and some much-needed refreshment. Intrigued by the bungee jumping we witnessed from the river, the group moved to the jumping platform to watch the excitement up close – and one of our members worked up the courage to take the leap himself! Late afternoon BBQ and yard games at Bamboo House rounded out an enjoyable day.




Rafting June 13 2015 6Rafting June 13 2015 10Rafting June 13 2015 15







Rafting June 13 2015 11Rafting June 13 2015 26

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