Yarramundi in Cairns

TSPS-member David Devlin successfully completed his five-month voyage from Japan to Australia on August 17. Departing on March 25th from Shimoda, David sailed south to among other places, Ogasawara, Saipan, Faralaup, Yap, and Papua New Guinea, before making a dash across a tempestuous Solomon Sea and a calmer Coral Sea to arrive in Cairns under ideal sailing conditions. As David says, “After all this little boat has been through it is nice to have a such a pleasant sail into her first port in Australia.”

David’s journey had more than its fair share of hardships (you can read his blog here), but through it all, David maintained a positive attitude in the face of such difficulties that was, in short, inspirational.

On behalf of the TSPS Bridge and TSPS members, we congratulate David for his achievement, and look forward to seeing David when he returns to Tokyo.

Warren Fraser
Commander, TSPS

2 thoughts on “Yarramundi in Cairns

  1. *Way to go David!! Another Shimoda boy to be proud of!

    Looking forward to the photos and eventually, the book.

    In the meantime I am offering to host the Shimoda Homecoming Party.

  2. *Hearty congratulations, David, on completing an odyssey of truly Homeric proportions! I am sure Warren can help in putting together a photo journal or an Apple photo album…. I know that many of us would be really interested to see the trip in print! Best wishes, Stuart

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