April Keelhaul at Pizzakaya~

by Timothy Langley, April 5, 2024

As usual, TSPS’s monthly was held on the first Wednesday of the month (April 3).

And even though the Super Keelhaul was a mere 11 days ago, no Keelhaul-exhaustion from the hail & hearty 15 who showed-up: four Bridge Members (Gary, Svetlana, Brendan, Timothy), one new Member (Toshikiko Tanaka), one guest via Remi Wyszynski of-shallow-water-fame (Tomo), the rest Members. Most stayed until kicked-out.

Our next Keelhaul, and for the foreseeable future this year, monthly Keelhaul will be at Pizzakaya. If we can generate 30 people to show-up regularly, we get Pizzakaya exclusively for TSPS! This will allow us to let our hair down, sing songs, pillory the laggard, hoist-up on petards the smarmy, reward to truly gregarious, and wear funny hats with resplendent swag. Please log Keelhaul into your calendar and let’s establish a home-base!

Comments and songs-of-appreciation welcomed!

Craft-beer connoisseur and Bridge Officer Brendan Morris going on-and-on about the richness and boldness of his selection of a powerful stout… just drink it fer crissakes!
Just to stay healthy, Pizzakaya also offers a tremendous avocado salad and, surprisingly, a nice carrot cake! Both were consumed and only a little was flung across the table.
Everything goes better with Tabasco… (went deftly into the lawyer’s briefcase later).
Derek runs a tight ship at Pizzakaya… welcomed us on short-notice and didn’t call the police like usual. Svetlana getting ready to slap rugby-playing Dominique (again).
You can tell that Bridge Officer Brendan already imbibed the 14.5% stout here. The menu is chalked on the wall… we went through the whole list, it seems (but I can’t quite remember). Brennan chugging as usual.
Newest Member Toshiyuki Tanaka joining for his first-ever Keelhaul. Welcome, Toshi!
Timothy (Bridge Secretary & Legal Officer), Brennan, Svetlana (Bridge Officer) and Dominique.
Usually chatty Maya apparently tight-lipped at hearing someone’s off-color remark; must have been potty-mouth Svetlana!
Shallow-water-sailor Remi brought a gregarious Tomoo Machiba for a taste of TSPS wildness. Tomoo fit right it (took three pints, though).
Many people feel this same irresistible urge to similarly address Governor Gary Thomas, though common decorum usually takes over. Here, Steve Bettink follows-through with aplomb, generating great appreciation from the gathered throng.
Governor Gary catching his breath while Steve sets his sights elsewhere. Hard to keep a good man down (after 4 pints).

About Timothy Langley

I have only been sailing for the last 4 years or so, drawn to TSPS and the suggestion of sailing (I wasn't really looking) when a friend invited me to a Keelhaul. Several friends and old-timers who I never imagined were connected to the sea were active Members. After a few pints I thought, "why not...". I stopped hitting the sauna on weekends and working on old cars and, in no time, was sailing regularly. I soon stumbled on a decrepit yacht that needed some attention. So I purchased it, fixed it up and sailed the heck out of it. It is now a very proper and reliable sailing vessel. And, as a consequence, I have become somewhat competent as a solo sailor. I long for something bigger (Santana is a 40 year old Yamaha 26' possessing a proper enclosed head, a good galley, two berths, dry, comfy, reliable: sleeps 4) but in the meantime I am out on the Pacific almost weekly. Completely smitten.

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