March Keelhaul 2024

The March Keelhaul was another vibrant success! 15 people showed-up at the delectable DevilCraft in Jiyugaoka: 5 Bridge Members, 5 first-timers, 5 additional die-hards.

DevilCraft in Jiyugaoka 3/06/24 Wednesday

A fabulous selection of Craft Beers, always something new… I had two Mo Sun (#2), 5.7% IPA…
Vlad, Gennady, Maria, Michelle, Ash (giving us the finger… ummm thumb)…
A look of shock: someone stole Gennady’s topping before serving him.

Jeff, John, Claude: discussing the finer matching of guacamole with IPA vs Stouts…
Max, guy shooting the peace-sign, Vlad, Gennady still crying about his pizza….

Vlad and Gennady… trying to share the table fairly…. “you stay on your side, I on mine…”

Max, working on his third IPA… the fact that he has tons of napkins around him makes everyone nervous.

Accomplished sailor Remi, negotiating with his pizza (and winning!). Grew-up sailing the Bahamas and places where you can see the bottom.

Fully recovered, now, Gennady obviously working on his 5th pint.

Vlad instructing Gennady how to properly hold a pint… but still getting it wrong.

Vlad, Gennady, Marie… rumor has it that Marie will be taking over the On-the-Water Executive Position from Vlad… she looks absolutely elated.
Max so excited about Remi’s topping that he is sending a photo of it to his Mom.

Wow: Devil Craft deep-dish pizza is a marvel. Thank you Commander Bill for springing for the first three!

John looking in his dictionary to convey a thought to Jeff (who is just off camera); Claude praying John selects the right word THIS time! .. and Remi contemplating: refill beer or grab another pizza (before they disappear again!)…?

Privateer Langley wondering who threw-up on his plate (but not really caring about it toooo much). Because Tabasco.

John flashing his finger painting and attempting to drum-up some beer money to pay for tonight. Following in Hunter Biden’s footsteps, I hear.

Claude studying the beer menu (he has had 6 different pints so far) (he’s been at it for 15 minutes though); Jeff grimacing as John happily digs his heal into Jeff’s big toe.

Proof there is a God.
John, hawking his wares… Remi unconvinced.

After several failed attempts, Remi gets his due… hot sauce at the ready!

I tried this one, too. It was an Amber Ale but too smoky for my tastes. Others loved it and rubbed it on their faces. I went back to “Mo Sun!”

Well before the beers arrived. Bill attempting to look “approachable” but scaring the beejesus out of small children.
Dominique, Jeff, Claude. Claude (you can see) is starving. Pizza not yet arrived.

Commander Bill, Captain Claude, John and Remi. Waiting waiting waiting… John obviously contemplating strangling Remi… as most of us did too.
Here’s that guy again, arriving empty-handed. Again.
Marie and Did-you-say-pizza-Michelle.

Remi, Max and two-fisted beer-waitress!

Education Officers Jeff and Claude discussing how to train Members, teach them to sail… without killing them. It is a long discussion. Not sure if they resolved anything.

Though the core of TSPS

…is helping people qualify for the Japanese boat licensing tests (the schedule of Tests and classes are now posted on the TSPS website) in English (and doing this successfully for 40+ years(!), there are regular social components and skills-upgrading opportunities, too. Similarly, there are opportunities to get out on the water, crew on someone’s boat, join in overnight sailing ventures, purchasing a yacht or rescuing/restoring something of timeless worth (a couple of those projects on-going and wildly bragged about over beers).

Please join the April Keelhaul at the Pizzakaya in Roppongi from 7:00.

In other news:

Annual Change-of-Watch

March 13 at 7:00 Our annual shareholder meeting.

Yokohama International Boat Show.

The 21st ~ 24th of March. Four days at the Yokohama Pacifico and on-the-water-display of new boats & yachts at Bayside Marina (  Members have free passes

TSPS Booth Volunteering.

For the 3rd consecutive year, TSPS will host a booth at this fabulous event. Last year’s was incredibly successful: one of the most vibrant booths in the entire Event Hall! Please register your availability to contribute a slot-of-time one of the days

Super Keelhaul.

Last year was a blow-out with almost 50 attendees! This event is held on March 23, the Saturday evening after the Boat Show closes doors at 6:00. Either rendezvous at the Booth or at Wolfgang Puck’s… but you MUST register and pay in advance: please see

This is the collection of participants to the Super Keelhaul in 2023 at Wolfgang Puck’s! (… minus, of course, the 5 or 6 still sprawled under the counter after one-too-many)

About Timothy Langley

Four or five years ago, I passed my Class II licensing test under the watchful eye of Sir Claude and Master Jeff, and cut my teeth sailing with Mike Snyder. Pretty quickly I was sailing regularly and finally stumbled upon a decrepit yacht that needed some attention. So I purchased it with Evan Burkowsky and we fixed it up and sailed the hell out of it. It is now a very proper and reliable sailing vessel. As I look for something bigger (Santana is a 40 year old Yamaha 26', with a proper enclosed head, a good galley, two berths, dry.. comfy... reliable), Captain Evan found an even larger, even more decrepit but lovely 45 year old 33' Peterson to fully-restore... so once again I am cutting my teeth. Both boats to be berthed out in Chiba near Hota's Banya Marina. Happy sailing (when I'm not working on one of them!).

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