Yacht Fujin’s Progress South To Phuket

As many of you know, Commander Stuart Milne has left Japan for a posting elsewhere. As the owner of Fujin, a Jeanneau 43D, he had to decide whether to sell his vessel here in Japan or sail the boat to a new home port. He opted for the latter, and hired an Irish delivery crew of three to sail the vessel to Phuket, Thailand via Okinawa, Brunei, and Singapore.

The voyage south to Phuket began on January 9th, 2012 and since then Stuart has maintained a blog with regular updates on the adventures of Fujin and crew as they make their way south, including an entry about a stretch of nasty weather with 55 knot winds and huge following seas as Fujin approached Okinawa.

Stuart plans to join Fujin and crew in Singapore for the last five-day leg to Phuket.

Best of luck from TSPS to Stuart, Fujin, and crew!

To read Stuart’s Yacht Fujin blog, click here.

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