The TSPS Japan Website Has A New Look

[fbshare url=”” type=”button”]  As you can see by now, the TSPS website has a new look. We’ve redesigned the site to give our members and site visitors more information about the activities of TSPS and to make it easier to enroll in our education programs, find out about our upcoming events, and for visitors, members and non-members, places to give your thoughts and opinions on what’s going on.

Subscribe to weekly updates. Download and import our calendar of events into your personal computer at home or office – you’ll never miss an event that way. Come back often.

Keep in mind that we’re still tinkering with settings and functionality as we work toward maximizing the usefulness of the site..

So, have a look around. You’ll soon find there are plenty to posts to read, photos to look at, videos to watch, and events to join.

We hope you enjoy the new site and find it useful. Feel free to subscribe by clicking on the “Follow” button floating at the bottom of the page.


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