January Keelhaul, next-up: February!

By Timothy Langley, February 6, 2024

January’s Keelhaul at the Jiyugaoka Devil Craft (this Report)

Ahoy Members, sailors, wannabes, drunkards & swashbucklers ;

TSPS holds a monthly gathering every month, open to everyone, called the Keelhaul.

In January about 15 people showed-up for pints of craft beer and delicious Chicago deep pizza. Photos below identify most of the culprits but, in a nutshell, 6 Bridge Members attended, two new Members, and approximately 5 boat-owners joined others to eventually stumble out at closing-time.

Sailing, in spite of the bad reputation, does not mean you have to be wealthy. Thirsty, yes, but not wealthy.

Though the core of TSPS is for helping people qualify for the Japanese boat licenses in English (see the schedule of Tests and classes are posted on the TSPS website), there are  regular social components and skills-upgrading opportunities, too. Similarly, there are opportunities to get out on the water, crew on someone’s boat, join in overnight sailing, purchasing a yacht or rescuing/restoring something of timeless worth (a couple of those projects on-going and wildly bragged about over beers). Plus , just getting together and meeting new people.

The February Keelhaul is at Pizzakaya in Roppongi https://pizzakaya.com/ from 7:00 o’clock (but earlier is better!): February 7th…. no excuses.

Upcoming in March is the enormous Yokohama Boat Show (TSPS will have a booth) and a SUPER Keelhaul on the last Saturday of the Boat Show (Wolfgang Puck’s in Yokohama!) https://www.wp-japan.jp/menu/wpp-yokohama/

Stay tuned to learn more about these opportunities and the venues, and get involved in supporting sailing the waters in-and-around Japan!

Lovely Devil Craft in Jiyugaoka, venue for the January Keelhaul. Too chilly for outside but nice when available. Owner Steve Bettink is a Member of TSPS, so please frequent his place!
Captain Ash Smart, TSPS Webmaster, with Captain Bruce Reinhart, working his second pint.
Erol Emed selecting the precisely right Craft Beer to accommodate the occasion (his first of 8 pints!). Captain Svetlana Ilyushechkina Social Activities & Administrative Officer, rocking those turquoise fingernails, contemplating her 6th pint; Captain Bruce in the background yacking it up with former Commander Mike Snyder (boat-owner) behind Svet.
Captain Svetlana Ilyushechkina serving deep-dish pizza, apparently ordered by Commander Van Alstine. Disappeared as if being served to a school of piraña.
Captain Wolfgang Bierer (boat-owner) and Maya Matsuoka, respectfully giving praise to the Beer gods before downing it in one gulp (ever observant Server at-the-ready with her next one).
The coveted piece o’ pizza.
Pizza arrives, pizza disappears. Erol Emed victoriously celebrating (… I guess he is in his 4th pint by now…). Svet looking for silverware to stock her kitchen at home.
Mark Lindlof joining for beers… more of a powerboat kind of guy, he admits. Though TSPS is loaded with sailors, motor-boaters also make up a significant portion of the Members. Erol Emed pensively gazing into the distance….
Captain Bruce being quisical, Robert Lang explaining with vigor.
Commander Bill Van Alstine, grinning Captain Claude Strobbe (boat-owner), Education Officer, with Captain Ash Smart, Webmaster.
Captain Ash, Captain Bruce,Captain Mike Snyder… everyone awaiting the third Chicago-style pizza!
Maya with Robert Lang…
Svet forgetting in mid-sentence what she was going to say….
Bridge Secretary & Legal Officer Captain Timothy Langley, hoisting a beer with Ash, Bill, and Sir Claude providing emotional support (and in Sir Claude’s case, helpfully opening the hot sauce).
Captain Mike Snyder looking loonglingly at the photographer. Long days at sea will do that to you, we have heard; Captain Bruce telling him to keep it down (under his breath).
Captain Svet savoring her, like, 16th pint, and looking for a fight.
… but then someone says, “hey, Svet! I’ll shout you a pint!” And the World is at Peace again.
Restoration-in-Process, Captain Evan Burkowsky’s Garuda.
Generally-speaking, undertaking ownership, to say nothing about restoration, requires a goodly amount of tools.
Some tools don’t quite look like tools, but instead items of clothing. Here is Evan strapping-in for a hoist up the mast.
The art of dangling is an acquired skill. Evan in a bosun’s chair… Langley on-deck cranking his heavy-ass up there three separate times!

(Upcoming: February’s Keelhaul at Nishi-Azabu’s Pizzakaya on February 7th)

Timothy Langley

About Timothy Langley

I have only been sailing for the last 5 years or so. I was originally drawn to TSPS and to the alien-to-me suggestion of sailing (I wasn't really looking) when a friend invited me to a Keelhaul. Several friends and old-timers who I never imagined were connected to the sea were active Members. After a few pints and lots of lobbying, I thought "why not...". I stopped hitting the sauna on weekends and working on old cars and, in no time, was sailing regularly. In my plight for sailing opportunities & begging for crewing time on someone else's yacht, I stumbled on a decrepit yacht that needed some attention. So I purchased it, fixed it up and sailed the heck out of it. It is now a very proper and reliable sailing vessel. And, as a consequence, I have become somewhat competent as a solo sailor (though this is a long road). I long for something bigger (Santana is a 40 year old Yamaha 26' possessing a proper enclosed head, a good galley, two berths, dry, comfy, reliable: sleeps 4) but in the meantime I am out on the Pacific almost every weekend. Completely smitten.

5 thoughts on “January Keelhaul, next-up: February!

  1. Great pictures and text 🙂
    It is very to see familiar faces again after not being in Japan for more than 3 years.
    I miss those monthly Keelhauls which were always great fun!

  2. I’m happily surprised we have such an amazing reporter, nothing, no details will escape his inquisitive eyes. Thanks Timothy.

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