Boat Handling Course  – 2024 March 19 ~ 2024 April 23

Our parent organization USPS offers dozens of free or low-cost boating courses to members. The instruction in these courses reflects at the highest level of boating proficiency. And, now that the JMRA courses are well established, we are responding to your requests for further practical boating education.

Our JMRA courses teach you how to get a license, but the license course and test are primarily focused on safety. We think you agree that there is a LOT more you want to know to confidently take a boat out for the day and get yourself, it, and your crew back to the marina. 

Introducing Boat Handling  

Content and Topics Covered. 

The Boat Handling curriculum comprises a full six-part Boat Handling course and six seminars.

See the attached Boat Handling Preview PPT attachment below for a far better explanation that you can get here.

Students who complete the Boat Handling course and pass the exam will receive credit for the Boat Handling course and earn the Seaman grade. 

AND, for TSPS members, Boat Handling will also be a requirement to use any of the TSPS sponsored boats, such as the Yamaha boats at Hayama Marina, the TSPS dinghy and (possibly very soon) the 41.5 Beneteau Pamela at Aburatsubo. 

It’s a great course with some review items and something new to challenge any of us.

Send an email to Jeff Canaday to learn more and sign up for the first class starting on March 19 and running consecutive Tuesdays through April 22 or thereabouts.

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