Pirates of Sagami Bay: On Stranger Winds

Early in the morning last Saturday, a ragtag crew of 5 TSPS pirates set out to deliver a Festa 31 from the southern tip of the Miura peninsula to a fabled port near Numazu on the west side of the Izu peninsula. After raiding a Family Mart of all breakfast and lunch foods for their perilous journey, the infamous Captain “Remorseless” Rick Pawell ordered the crew (First Mate Ramir “The Banyaga (the Rascal)” Cimafranca, Sailing Master Stephan “Das Meer (the Sea)” Riediger, Gunner Igor “безумец (the Madman)” Kostarnov, and Boatswain Davy “Jones Locker” Edwards, to the awaiting vessel “Der Meer”. (The sailing master later verified that this was in fact a Dutch name, not German.) The crew departed at 6:45am.

The morning wind roared and the crew suffered as cold winds came from the northeast at about 15-20 knots across Sagami Bay. After hoisting the mainsail and deciding on the route across the bay, the crew began to reminisce on the considerable pirate juice consumed at RSD Village Guesthouse the night before and the crew’s dreadful snoring that permeated the quiet night air of the peaceful village. Although the crew briefly hoisted the jib sail, a decision was made to take it down a short while later.

After passing near the southern tip of Izu Oshima island ahead of schedule, Remorseless Rick ordered the crew to jibe since the vessel was traveling too close to the dangerous shores of the Izu peninsula near Shimoda. The crew executed the jibe of the mainsail to the general satisfaction of the captain and was fortunate enough to avoid the deadly fishing buoys in the area. Finally, Der Meer motored into the dock at Shimoda Umi-no-Eki at around 2pm. The pirates had sailed across Sagami Bay at an average speed of about 7 knots – well ahead of schedule!

Of course, the ensuing celebration and consumption of libations in the port of Shimoda will have to remain off the permanent TSPS records and become a part of pirate lore…but it may have included imbibing Asahi Super Dry on the way to a beautiful beach, a long walk in search of more brew, a cramped taxi ride, a less than happy taxi driver, a search for open pubs, and a restaurant being forced open 20 minutes early by the pirates…  

Tune in next week for the continuing adventures of “Der Meer” and its pirate crew from Shimoda to Numazu. (A dreadful storm on Sunday packing winds of 30-40 knots forced the crew to return by train to its den in Tokyo.)

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