Weather delayed yacht delivery completed

TSPS member Ramir Cimafranca’s recently purchased yacht Der Meer III is now moored at its new home port in Nishiura Numazu Shizuoka,  .
Ramir, Rick Pawell and 2 friends made up the crew and arrived in Shimoda on a rainy Saturday evening. We woke Sunday morn to clearing skies, ate breakfast and departed Shimoda Boat Service’s docks by 0800. 
Shimoda Boat Service had been checking the boat each day for the past week, adjusting docklines and fenders as needed and lashing additional lines around the boom cover…excellent and friendly service!
Motor sailed in 5-10 knots of northerly winds and saw a waterspout far off to port (picture was tightly cropped). The winds calmed off the southern tip of the peninsula and backed to a southwester that increased to a steady 20 knots with gusts to 30 near 1400. It was a fast ride under mostly sunny skies with the wind off the port quarter as we broad reached under a reefed mainsail at 7 knots. An excellent day for sailing…good departure planning by Ramir!
We motored in to the dock where 4 people eagerly took our dock lines and welcomed us “home.” Three men helped Ramir moor the boat, rowed tenders back to the dock and two gave us a lift to the train station . There is a good drone video of the moorings and clubhouse at

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