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Weekend Music: Guitarist Wes Montgomery

I have no idea if this is true, but perhaps the closest the great jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery ever got to sailing was through the title of one of his classics, “West Coast Blues” or via an album with Jimmy Smith entitled “Rockin’ The Boat.” His music, however, is a different matter. It’s aboard every jazz-loving skipper’s boat I know, and if it isn’t, well, it eventually will be.

This video is of unknown origin. Recorded in 1967, it’s visually stunning in it’s black and white clarity. The first quartet clearly hasn’t played together before, so there are brief stretches in the video where the band confers on what to play and how to play it. Things really start cookin’ with a different ensemble at 29:18, however.

The Art Of Wes Montgomery 


In late April and early May of 2011, four boats– Bifrost, Fujin, Samurai VI, Yarramundi– from the Tokyo Sail and Power Squadron sailed to Japan’s Kii Hanto. The voyage there and back lasted over 10 days and covered more than 600 nautical miles. Most of the 16 crew snapped pictures and took video, and so we’ve put together a sixty-minute, six-part video that captures some of the excitement and drama of the adventure. We hope you enjoy it.

Kii Hanto Cruise