TSPS February Keelhaul report

February 1, 2023
By Timothy Langley

DevilCraft in Gotanda was the venue for our February Keelhaul.
More than 25 Members joined this event: four Bridge Officers, two prospective new Members, and four Guests. Keelhaul is our most regular social feature, followed by annual BBQs, on-the-water cruises, and Yokohama Boat Show (coming up at the end of March!).
TSPS is an NPO that is dedicated to learning & gaining experience in sailing & boating inJapanese waters, to getting licensed, and to meeting likeminded people in this, the world’s largest megatropolis.
The Keelhaul supplements the work of the webpage by spreading information on cruising availabilities and Class schedules, bringing-in new Members, and allowing everyone to meet with and talk (brag) about sailing with the leadership and Instructors.
Here are some of the Keelhaul Participants:
Timothy Langley, Secretary & Legal Officer
Vllad Legeza, Boating Activities Chair
Claude Strobbe, Education Officer
Will Wade, Membership Chair
Yves Simon, John Kratochvil, Lowell Sheppard, Nemanja Komatinovic, Ashley Smart, Alexan, Andrei Enshin, Wolfgang Bierers, Raymond Leung

Paolo Montesel, New Member
Ben Knuth, New Member
Tomiko Ishizuka, Guest
Anthony Hardie, Guest
Maya Matsuoka, Guest
Kristina Stojchevska, Guest
Patrick McEvelly, Guest

Please connect with everyone via Linked-in or FaceBook so we can continue to grow thiscommunity…

Here are some photos from the evening:

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