TSPS January Keelhaul

January 11, 2023

By Timothy Langley

DevilCraft in Hamamatsucho was the venue for our first TSPS Keelhaul-of-the-Year. 

More than 25 Members joined this monthly beerfest & deep-dish Chicago pizza, four prospective new Members, and two new Members.  Keelhaul is the most regular social feature of TSPS, followed by our twice-annual BBQs, the on-the-water cruises, and the annual Yokohama Boat Show. 

Otherwise and as you know, TSPS is primarily about learning and gaining experience in sailing & boating in Japanese waters, getting licensed, and for meeting other likeminded people in the world’s largest megatropolis. 

The Keelhaul supplements the work of the webpage by spreading information on cruising availabilities and Class schedules, bringing-in new Members, and allowing everyone to meet with and talk (brag) about sailing with the leadership and Instructors (who are all drunkards in any event). 

Please bookmark the webpage for the Calendar-of-Events and by all means reserve the First Wednesday of Every Month for our regularly scheduled Keelhauls (venue changes frequently).

Here are some of the Participants:

Timothy Langley, Secretary & Legal Officer

Svetlana Ilyushechkina, Executive Officer & Events Coordinator

Yves Simon

John Kratochuvik

Mike Snyder, Bridge Commander

Jeff Canaday, Assistant Educational Officer

Bill Van Alstine, Treasurer

Anthony Hardie, Guest

Claude Strobbe, Education Officer

Darren Halliday, New Member

Naomi Halliday, New Member

Gena Gordeev

Ashley Smart

Hector Rodrigues, New Member

Vladimir Legeza

Alex Dzhangirov

Bernard Languillier

Steve Lai

Tomiko Ishizuka, Guest

Please connect with everyone via Linked-in or FaceBook so we can continue to grow this community…

Here are some photos from the evening:


One thought on “TSPS January Keelhaul

  1. Hi to all you with familiar faces, and all of you with, as yet, unfamiliar faces.
    Thanks for the friendly post!

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