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October BBQ 2023 at Yumenoshima Marina

The summer heat is not going away anytime soon, so let`s have some refreshment with beer and a stunning view at our annual traditional BBQ at Yumenoshima! 

Nag about the heat, boast about your summer trips in Caribbean and European seas, find new friends and crew members for your autumn/winter sailing season.

Here where you can find us!

Place: Yumenoshima Marina & Grill (
Date : Saturday October 7
Time: from 13:00 till 16:00
Food : bbq set
Drink: free beer, wine, cocktails, soft drinks 
Entertainment: live band

Payment deadline: Sep 30 (Sat) 12pm
Payment: Online credit-card payments exclusively: no in-cash or day-of payments.


Yumenoshima Marina BBQ 2023 Oct 7

TSPS Members:
 Adults (12 years and older):  ¥6,000
Child (12 and younger):    ¥free

NON-TSPS Members:
Adults (12 years and older): ¥8,000
Child (12 and younger):   ¥4,000

Any questions: contact Svetlana at or Claude at

April Keelhaul Report

April 5th, 2023

By Timothy Langley

As usual, the second Wednesday of every month is reserved for our monthly Keelhaul. April saw us experimenting with a new venue, the fabulous Midtown BBQ in Suidobashi, close to the Tokyo Dome (

This new venue is off our normal TSPS beaten-track (DevilCraft or Pizzakaya). And probably because this was just 11 days after our wildly successful Boat Show SuperKeelhaul, participation was somewhat down, but the energy was extremely high; the food was excellent and the craft beer flowing. 

Newly inducted TSPS Commander, Bill Van Alstine, was joined by Bridge Members John Kratochvil (Membership) and Timothy Langley (Secretary & Legal Officer) together with 4 guests, 2 new Members, and 11 diehard Keelhaulers! 

To kick things off, Commander Van Alstine donated several plates of wings and pizzas! Ordering thereafter was clunky at first but everyone could order on their own and pay individually. This worked-out due to astute John organizing a sign-in sheet and issuing Name-tags! This not only helped the waite-staff but also generated better comradery all around. It was a great event.

The Keelhaul is TSPS’s most regularly-scheduled social event, falling almost always on the first Wednesday of every month. If you are not securely on the Mailing List (to receive Announcements directly), the venue & time notices are posted on our elegant TSPS webpage ( 

If you have ideas for Keelhaul venue (or input regarding this venue), please don’t hesitate as we are always looking for great locations to comfortably accommodate our usual ~25+ attendees.

Finally, since the first Wednesday of May falls within Golden Week, the Bridge will determine the most appropriate date for our NEXT Keelhaul. If you have a preference on date or venue, please post to

Here are some photos of the event:

Super Keelhaul 2023 Report

March 25th, 2023

By Timothy Langley

The SuperKeelhaul is an annual event always held in conjunction with the International Boat Show in Yokohama. 

Going on two-years strong, the event was again held at Wolfgang Puck’s pizzeria. This was such a resounding success, with an open-bar and free-flowing, delicious food, that TSPS not only  took-over the entire shop from the 6:00 o’clock start, but extended an hour to accommodate the tremendous fun, joviality and comradery that flourished. Approximately 12 guests / potential new-members joined the assembly of 60 or so TSPS Members!

A great shout-out not only to Svetlana for organizing the Super Keelhaul, but also to the valiant Booth Committee’s Claude Strobbe, Jeff Canady, Bill Van Alstine and a slew of diligent volunteers, as well! The Booth attracted a huge amount of attention and we received, as a result, many visitors interested in learning more about TSPS.

Please reach-out to future volunteer-opportunities in TSPS-sponsored events: you can always expect to be involved in something fun and engaging. 

Here are some photos of the event:

TSPS February Keelhaul report

February 1, 2023
By Timothy Langley

DevilCraft in Gotanda was the venue for our February Keelhaul.
More than 25 Members joined this event: four Bridge Officers, two prospective new Members, and four Guests. Keelhaul is our most regular social feature, followed by annual BBQs, on-the-water cruises, and Yokohama Boat Show (coming up at the end of March!).
TSPS is an NPO that is dedicated to learning & gaining experience in sailing & boating inJapanese waters, to getting licensed, and to meeting likeminded people in this, the world’s largest megatropolis.
The Keelhaul supplements the work of the webpage by spreading information on cruising availabilities and Class schedules, bringing-in new Members, and allowing everyone to meet with and talk (brag) about sailing with the leadership and Instructors.
Here are some of the Keelhaul Participants:
Timothy Langley, Secretary & Legal Officer
Vllad Legeza, Boating Activities Chair
Claude Strobbe, Education Officer
Will Wade, Membership Chair
Yves Simon, John Kratochvil, Lowell Sheppard, Nemanja Komatinovic, Ashley Smart, Alexan, Andrei Enshin, Wolfgang Bierers, Raymond Leung

Paolo Montesel, New Member
Ben Knuth, New Member
Tomiko Ishizuka, Guest
Anthony Hardie, Guest
Maya Matsuoka, Guest
Kristina Stojchevska, Guest
Patrick McEvelly, Guest

Please connect with everyone via Linked-in or FaceBook so we can continue to grow thiscommunity…

Here are some photos from the evening:

TSPS January Keelhaul

January 11, 2023

By Timothy Langley

DevilCraft in Hamamatsucho was the venue for our first TSPS Keelhaul-of-the-Year. 

More than 25 Members joined this monthly beerfest & deep-dish Chicago pizza, four prospective new Members, and two new Members.  Keelhaul is the most regular social feature of TSPS, followed by our twice-annual BBQs, the on-the-water cruises, and the annual Yokohama Boat Show. 

Otherwise and as you know, TSPS is primarily about learning and gaining experience in sailing & boating in Japanese waters, getting licensed, and for meeting other likeminded people in the world’s largest megatropolis. 

The Keelhaul supplements the work of the webpage by spreading information on cruising availabilities and Class schedules, bringing-in new Members, and allowing everyone to meet with and talk (brag) about sailing with the leadership and Instructors (who are all drunkards in any event). 

Please bookmark the webpage for the Calendar-of-Events and by all means reserve the First Wednesday of Every Month for our regularly scheduled Keelhauls (venue changes frequently).

Here are some of the Participants:

Timothy Langley, Secretary & Legal Officer

Svetlana Ilyushechkina, Executive Officer & Events Coordinator

Yves Simon

John Kratochuvik

Mike Snyder, Bridge Commander

Jeff Canaday, Assistant Educational Officer

Bill Van Alstine, Treasurer

Anthony Hardie, Guest

Claude Strobbe, Education Officer

Darren Halliday, New Member

Naomi Halliday, New Member

Gena Gordeev

Ashley Smart

Hector Rodrigues, New Member

Vladimir Legeza

Alex Dzhangirov

Bernard Languillier

Steve Lai

Tomiko Ishizuka, Guest

Please connect with everyone via Linked-in or FaceBook so we can continue to grow this community…

Here are some photos from the evening:


The TSPS Bonenkai of 2022 report

The 2022 year-end blow-out party, the annual TSPS Bonenkai, was successfully held on December 7th at the Pullman Hotel in Tamachi. Approximately 30 Members showed-up with 7 guests. The buffet was luxuriant and food, plentiful; the libations flowing as one would expect. Please see attached photos.

In a distinct break from tradition, entertainment this year was an Awards Ceremony. Six highly-coveted trophies were commissioned by the Bridge. As the photos reveal (see below), no-expense was spared to produce the most glorious representation of achievement in the several distinct categories.

The six awards, and the winners this year, were:

1.         The Blue Bucket Award: this handsome trophy is a framed fragment of a destroyed blue-plastic bucket. This represents the accomplishments of our TSPS Member (a duo this year!) who, in spite of a mere tiny challenge, devoted incredible energy & resources, at considerable risk, to achieve a very minor goal, causing great destruction in the process.

The 2022 Winners of this Award are Tony Whitman and Hunter Brumfield, presented in absencia to Bridge Commander Michael Snyder. 

2.         Most Dayson the Water Award: this trophy consists of a Gift Certificate from renowned local divorce-specialist law firm Dewey Cheatum & Howe for free-consultation in the inevitable event of divorce proceedings by a distraught and neglected wife. The Award goes to that special individual who has most-successfully avoided home-duties by spending all of his available free-time on his boat (or that of a friend’s). The elaborately framed-certificate includes helpful instructions to “Break Glass In Case Of Emergency” instructions.

The Award for 2022 goes to Timothy Langley.

3.         Captain of the Year Award: this framed coveted-trophy is otherwise known as “The Captain Crunch Award”. It consists of a luxuriantly-framed cereal box with a copy of a wrecked yacht pasted on the bottom: obviously tremendous thought and no expense were spared creating this gem. The Award is self-explanatory.

The Award for 2022 goes to Claude Strobbe.

4.         Greatest Feat of the Year Award: this artful, highly-desired trophy represents the ability to rescue some minor token of victory in the face of otherwise total destruction. Against incredible odds, the winner exemplifies the ability in some TSPS Members to preserve a modicum of decency even in the face of abject humiliation.

The Award for 2022 goes to Evan Burkowsky.

5.         Bent-Stanchion Award: this gorgeous silvery Trophy epitomizes the plight of all who devote money, resources and energy to repairing and preserving some object of great affection, only to have it reduced to junk in a single instance of inattention or cruel fate.

The Award for 2022 goes to Commander Michael Snyder.

6.         Colossal Coupler Award: this desirous art-deco Trophy will occupy the entire tabletop of the proud winner. Such is the glamorous construction that it would not look out-of-place either outside behind the garage atop a pile of trash or even occupying the entry to a Fortune 100 corporate headquarters. This Trophy represents the enormous weight of responsibility and the pride of ownership conveyed to a boat-owner who is forever destined to simply pour money into a bottomless pit and still end up with a chunk of mere metal.

The Award for 2022 goes to William Van Alstine.

The Bridge acknowledges the great skill and determination of Svetlana Ilyushechkina for working & negotiating with the Pullman Hotel to host this very successful 2023 year-end event. Similarly, the Bridge is indebted to Andrew Lawson for the tremendous wit and suaveness brought to bear as a dynamic & engaging Master of Ceremony for the Awards portion of the evening. Finally, the Bridge would like to acknowledge the tremendous effort, creativity, and dumpster-diving skill evidenced by this year’s production of trophies by Evan Burkowsky and Timothy Langley (the various intellectual-property lawsuits notwithstanding).

Report by Timothy Langley

Photo acknowledgement to Timothy Langley

Trophies by Timothy Langley

Bonenkai Photo Compilation:

Nice Turnout for Rendezvous

The weather not cooperating? It was downright spiteful.  But 15 June was the day of the TSPS Spring Rendezvous and barbecue and like the USPS – the postal ones – our members braved the sleet and snow, sorry, the driving rain part to arrive at Yumenoshima Marina where the members of Sailability Tokyo, our very good friends waited with their dinghies. The wind was there, rain falling at a forty five degree angle, and from 1pm on, members began to show up and avail themselves of the opportunity to sail.  

Non-sailing members and guests began to arrive early as well and those not sailing had the opportunity to introduce one another at the ground floor lobby of the marina, where the generous seating provided a place to relax and make new friends. The BBQ itself began at 3pm and TSPS had a turnout of 52 members and guests.  Participants were seated inside the restaurant while volunteers selected themselves to man the three large grills that were already fired up and ready for the heaping trays of meat and vegetables that were brought out to cook. The food and drink were great, but the conversation and camaraderie were even better.

Of special note, Lowell Sheppard announced the imminent purchase of Wahine from fellow TSPS member Marcus Von Engel, and his open recruitment for crew. At the end of the event, those not ready to go home were invited aboard Dream Weaver, by Doug Smith who crossed the Pacific from San Diego to Japan with blind sailor Hiro Iwamoto. You will never see a more immaculate boat than Dream Weaver.

A special thanks to our member Jiro Fujiwara for arranging the dinghies from Salability Tokyo and to Rick Pawell. Rick had double duty, working as a volunteer for the dinghy sailing with Sailability Tokyo and as the arranger for the BBQ, which you can guess is a lot of work.  

It was a great turnout and a great time, with less than great weather. Thanks to all for participating and making it a success.

Bill Van Alstine, contributor

Kids, Dinghies and BBQ

On Saturday, Nov. 10, at Yumenoshima Marina, TSPS held a BBQ from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. with dinghies from Sailability Tokyo for kids to get some time on the water. Thirty or more adults and seven kids were on hand for the fun. The weather was perfect and a great time was had by all. We hope to have more family friendly events in the future!

HMYC-TSPS Joint Sailing Event Outstanding Fun

Crew of racing yacht Fellows hard at work in one of two races they did, along with some TSPS members holding on for dear life and serving as rail meat. That’s PJ on the lower right. The bowman was heroic. Great crew. (Photo by Philippe Valdois)

TSPS was once again honored to be able to participate in the Sailors for the Sea・Sunset Regatta & Party, a joint event with Hayama Marina Yacht Club this year. We were invited by the fine sailors of the HMYC to come aboard their boats and witness great crew coordination and fine sailing techniques in two races in 25-28 knot winds. It was truly a great experience. A visitor from Hawaii Yacht Club said he had never gone more than 20 knots on a racing vessel before–testament to the high quality of the sailboats here.

After the boating, there was pizza and cold cuts in the Captains’ Quarters, followed by a fine feast in the boatyard. Barbecue fires were lit and lots of beef, scallops, corn, onions and assorted veggies were cooked up, along with liberal quantities of liquid sustenance. Then, to the surprise of all, there were amazing performances of Japanese dance and belly dancing. Truly a dazzling spectacle under the twilight skies.

TSPS heartily thanks Commander Hirai and Chief Fun Organizer Maruo, and all the people at HMYC who worked so hard to make this event happen. Truly a special bunch of people.

We look forward to more joint events with HMYC and hope that we can reciprocate in some way in the future.

Lots of photos here.

2018 Rendezvous A Big Hit

TSPS members and guests enjoyed a barbecue and lots of conviviality at the Rendezvous BBQ at Yumenoshima Marina.

Thirty six TSPS members and guests attended this year’s Rendezvous at Yumenoshima Marina in Tokyo on June 9. Everyone agreed that the venue was a great choice–good food and wonderful service from the staff. We’ll be having more barbecues and events there in the future. We were quite lucky with the weather, as the rain was on its way but managed to stay away until the next day. Our next event will be a joint one with the Hayama Marina Yacht Club at Hayama Marina on July 21. See you there!