Report: 2014 TSPS/Hayama Sail and Party

2014 TSPS & Hayama Sail and Party 3 of 15

This past Saturday members of Hayama Marina Yacht Club hosted twenty-five TSPS members for a day on the water, a marina barbecue, and music and dance event. The day started at 9:30AM when TSPS members were assigned to one of six boats skippered by Hayama Marina members. Food and drink was quickly ferried to the boats and by 10:30 all boats were underway, weaving their way through boats in a rather crowded harbour entrance.

Skies to the south and west were threatening a downpour, but some skippers hoisted sail and powered down the engine while others preferred to continue motor sailing. About 30 minutes after casting off, the skies opened and down came the rain, lots of rain accompanied by lightning and thunder. Most skippers made the decision to return to port at that point, while one or two remained out for a while longer. Most boats were back in their slip or on the hard by 1PM. This meant a three-hour wait for the beginning of the barbecue and party. Some people gathered in the common area in the boatyard under roof to wait out the downpour while others remained aboard their respective boats eating and drinking.

No one seemed to mind the bad weather, and while it kept us off the water, it also dropped the temperature by five or so degrees, creating one of the cooler afternoons this summer. Some had gotten soaked from the rain and had no dry clothes to change into, but they all grinned through the afternoon happy to be at Hayama.

At about 3:00PM the sun broke through with excellent timing and the music and barbecue began. A skilled Japanese band soon appeared and began playing great Hank Williams classics and got a lot of feet tapping. Later a troupe of Hulu dancers appeared followed by a very energetic troupe of Tahitian dancers.

On the whole, the event was a lot of fun with interesting weather to say the least, great food, entertainment, and companionship.

Our thanks go out to Maruo-san and the skippers at Hayama for once again inviting TSPS members aboard their boats.

Unfortunately, as some of you who attended the event may know, an accident occurred in which a TSPS member, who will not be named here out of privacy concerns, fell from a ladder in the Hayama boatyard and hit their head on the concrete boatyard surface. A doctor was quickly found among the guests at Hayama who then put in a call for an ambulance. The TSPS member was taken to a local hospital, where they eventually underwent emergency surgery, and remained in the ICU for approximately 36 hours. As of this writing the TSPS member remains in hospital recovering from the injuries. Family of the injured member has asked TSPS members who wish to visit to hold off for a few weeks as more recovery time is required.

I’m sure I speak for everyone involved with TSPS in wishing our fellow member and family a speedy and full recovery. We truly hope to see them at another TSPS event very soon.

Here are some photos from the event.


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